Gmail Tip #7: Quickly Addressing A Message

June 3, 2004
Want to know a quick way to address another Gmail user? Read more to find out! Did you know that you can send an email to another Gmail user by just entering their username into either the TO, CC, or BCC fields when you Compose a message? You do not need to type the rest […]

Gmail Tip #6: Define a Signature!

June 3, 2004
When Gmail was first released to Beta, it was missing the ability to create an automatically appended "Signature". Well, after beta tester feedback Gmail has added the feature! Read how to define it... Go into "Settings" and click the radio button next to the edit box in the Signatire section. Next, enter any text you […]

Gmail Tip #5: The Plus Side of Gmail

June 2, 2004
Like many Email providers, Gmail supports the standard "plus" addressing scheme. But just what is it, and how can it help me? The "plus" method of addressing lets you add additional words to your account name (the "left side" of your email address.) For example, if your email address is "[email protected]", you could add "+club" […]

Gmail Tip #4: Formatting Your Name

June 2, 2004
Gmail's account names (you know, the "left" side of your email address) are very forgiving. Read more for more details! If you registered your Gmail account name like I did, you likely used the form "[email protected]". Did you know that it doesn't matter if you used a period or not! "[email protected]" is treated the same […]

Gmail Tip #3: How to Maintain Notes

May 27, 2004
Some email providers provide a "Notes" function to let you maintain a list of notes. For example you might keep Web site links, random thoughts, etc. Gmail doesn't offer this feature, but by using some of Gmail's other features, you can set up a very nice, easy to maintain group of notes... Basically, the concept […]

Gmail Tip #2: Check Your Messages

May 21, 2004
To leverage Gmail's excellent Label and Search functions, I imported close to 1000 archived emails into my Gmail account. (To see how I did it, click here.) After working this large number of messages for a few days, I have found that managing them, while typically easy and intuitive, it can sometimes be a bit […]

Gmail Tip #1: All About Labels

May 21, 2004
Labels. Gmail lets you assign a Label to a message and then view all messages assigned to that Label. Sounds a lot like the typical "Folder", right? Well, almost. Unlike Folders, you can assign multiple Labels to a message letting the message span multiple categories. To better understand how Labels differ from Folders, counsider the […]

How I Imported archived email into Gmail

May 20, 2004
I have a large number (about 1000) of archived emails that I have saved over the years, and I am looking for a way to "import" them into Gmail so that I can leverage Gmail's excellent Search and Label features. Over at the Gmail forum at Webmaster World is a posting on how to "import" […]

Gmail Beta: First Impressions

May 13, 2004
The other day, I received an "invitation" to beta test Google's new "Gmail" email service. After having tried and used literally dozens of web-based email services over the years, I decided to see what the buzz was all about, so I followed the Invitation instructions, and within a couple minutes, I had a new Google […]

What is Gmail?

May 12, 2004
Gmail is a free POP3 and IMAP webmail service provided by Google. In the United Kingdom and Germany it is officially called Google Mail. Gmail launched on 1 April 2004 as an invitation-only beta release and became available to the public on 7 February 2007. To this day the service remains in beta status and […]

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