Push Gmail for iPhone and Windows Mobile

Posted by Marcus Foster, Product Manager, Google Mobile Those of you who live in your Gmail inboxes usually want to know what's happening with your email more instantly than standard fetch mail on your phone allows. Sure, using Gmail in your mobile browser gives you all the benefits of conversation threading and starring, but you still have to refresh every time you want to check for new mail.

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New in Labs: Play Google Voice messages in Gmail

Posted by Vincent Paquet, Google Voice Product Manager Google Voice helps you manage your communications with a unique phone number that rings all your existing phones, a single voicemail inbox with online access and automated transcription, and lots of handy features like the ability to block spammy calls and easily record personalized greetings for your callers. Think of it as Gmail for your phone calls and text messages (watch this video to learn more). Google Voice is currently available via invitation, which you can request here

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Find great stuff to read in Google Reader

Posted by Zach Yeskel, Product Marketing Manager Have you ever clicked the "Reader" link at the top of your Gmail inbox and ended up in Google Reader , kind of unsure about what to do next? We realize this happens from time to time, so to help people get started with Reader, we asked a bunch of prominent journalists, techies, fashion critics, and foodies for their lists of favorite sites and blogs. We compiled their reading lists and made them accessible to everyone at google.com/powerreaders , where you can explore and subscribe to lists from Thomas Friedman , Arianna Huffington , Paul Krugman , the editors of Lifehacker , Boing Boing , Kottke.org , and many more.

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