I added this Masonic Tips section to my JimsTips.com site to provide you with a glimpse of my ongoing journey in Freemasonry. There are varied views of Freemasonry, so my approach was with an open mind. What I found is an amazing organization that fosters brotherly love, fellowship, and virtue built upon the foundation of belief in God.

This is a blog of my Masonic journey, some informational articles, and some articles intended to provide objective responses to some recurring myths surrounding Freemasonry.

Since my journey started, I have been very active, and have been honored to serve in the following positions and organizations:

  • Past Master Divver Lodge #349
  • Past High Priest of Burning Bush #7 Royal Arch Masons
  • Past Illustrious Master of Wynne Council #4 Royal and Select Masters
  • Past Eminent Commander of Anderson Commandery #11 Knights Templar
  • Past Sovereign Master of S.A. Banister Council #336 Allied Masonic Degrees
  • Noble Sentinel of Piedmont #84 York Rite College
  • Vice President of the Spring 2010 Class of the Greenville Valley of the Scottish Rite.

I am also a member of S.J. Womack #20 Knight Masons, and I am a member of the Royal Order of Scotland.

I am currently honored to serve as the Most Illustrious Grand Master of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of the State of South Carolina.

My involvement in Freemasonry is under the jurisdiction and authority of the Grand Lodge of South Carolina.

My Masonic Journey

My Journey Begins

It seems that the topic of Freemasonry can pop up just about anywhere. I was having breakfast with a friend from church when the subject of Freemasonry came up. My friend is not a mason, but he told me that a number of our church members are. I had seen a lapel pin here and there on several of them,

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First Contacts

I read lots of information online about freemasonry, both pro and anti, but I felt that it was time to talk to someone who was actually involved in it to get some first-hand information. So I approached one of the members of our church who I knew to be a Mason, and he was quite open and happy to discuss

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Making My Petition

After talking with several Masons and doing lots of reading, I decided that I would like to join the ranks of the Freemasons. I talked with a Mason friend from church several times, and eventually he gave me a petition form to complete and return to him. It was an intriguing form with some interestingly worded questions, but everything seemed

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Some Patience and More Research

Patience. It’s a virtue, and it’s seems to be required of becoming a mason. It can be frustrating, but it can also be rewarding. In this day and age, we are so compelled to the here and now, to the immediacy, to the urgency of everything. The mere thought of having to wait days, weeks, or possibly even months to

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A Time of Waiting and Patience

I told my Mason friend from church that I was reading the book “Freemasons For Dummies”. Though he had not heard of it, he was pleased to see that I was taking the initiative to learn and study Freemasonry. I told him that I was getting anxious about waiting for the process to unfold, and he said that this is

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Progress! A Vote!

I spoke with my Mason friend from church, and he said that the Lodge had voted on my petition this week, and had formed an investigating committee of three people. They will be contacting me soon. Despite the "fears" that some have expressed about the investigating committee, I feel completely at ease. During my waiting, I’ve been reading so much

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