PalmOS PDA Tips

Sony to Suspend Clie Handheld Line

According to a Palm Infocenter article, Sony is “suspending” it’s Clie PDAs, not releaseing any new models to the US market this Fall. This hits hard to many CLie devotees. Despite the news, the Sony Clie NX topics here on will continue to exist. Unfortunatly, I haven’t added much […]

T3 Tip #5: Palm Wireless Keyboard Tip

If you own a T3 and a PWK (Palm Wireless Keyboard), you don’t need to run Preferences to change the Handedness to Left-Handed every time you use it. Just press Alt+Del to change Handedness. Maybe it works with other keyboards too, try it. Paulo Stockinger

T3 Tip #3: Tap-And-Hold Define Silk Buttons

The Tungsten T3 has several User Interface “enhancements” that aren’t always apparant. One great example has to do with the “Virtual Graffiti” or “Digital Input Area” (DIA). Learn how to customize the “Silk Buttons”! When the Virtual Graffiti area is displayed, by default, there are four “buttons” surrounding the Graffiti […]