About Jim

I’m Jim Barr, and I’m a technology geek! Jims.Tips is one of my little corners of the Internet–my sandbox and playground for all things Web Development. I love riding on the bleeding edge of technology, and I love exploring new gadgets, services, Web sites, programs, and anything technologically interesting!

I developed and manage several client Web sites, and am honored to have turned a hobby into a career. I’m also an Amateur Radio Operator (N9ONL) and I am an active Freemason.

About Jim’s Tips

I started JimsTips.com back in September, 2003 and I’ve had lots of fun with it. When I discover interesting features or cool tidbits of information, I love to share it with anyone who will listen. JimsTips.com provides that forum. Over the past almost two decades, the number and scope of Tips has grown, and associated domains have increased and decreased.

The Gmail explosion

In 2004, Google launched Gmail into Beta, and I had the opportunity to obtain an invitation. I began posting a number of Gmail-related tips, and I eventually decided to create a new Gmail-focused Tips site, GmailTips.com, which became a hobby obsession.

I posted countless tips & tricks, and in 2006, I was proud to have GmailTips.com listed as one of PC Magazine’s “99 Undiscovered Web Sites” in their list of “Top Web Sites of 2006“. These sites were described as:

“…sites that are flying under the radar, but are useful, funny, or interesting enough to merit entrée into the Web’s public consciousness.”

PC Magazine, 2006

PC Magazine described GmailTips.com as:

“This exhaustive Gmail tips site has all sorts of hints and tricks to help you get the most out of the free mail service. The site is run by Jim of Jim’s Tips, and if it doesn’t quench your thirst for shortcuts, go to his main page (www.jimstips.com) for more mobile- and Web-application tricks.”

PC Magazine, 2006

About the JimsTips.com site

The software that drives JimsTips.com evolved from hand-edited HTML pages to PHP-Nuke to Mambo to Joomla, and is now firmly rooted in the WordPress ecosystem. I was an avid Joomla fan, however the overall feel and performance of the site became too “heavy” for me. I decided to migrate to WordPress, and I haven’t looked back. And the great thing is that I have been able to customize the site with WordPress in ways that Joomla simply wouldn’t let me do.

The move to WordPress turned out to be something I wasn’t ready for. I never realized how extensive the changeover would be. It’s one thing to simply port data from one CMS to another, but it’s another to have to take into account such things as how the changes will affect my Google PageRank and search placement, URL consistency and redirection (so that past visitors can access bookmarked content on the new site without dealing with broken links) and a number of other factors to pull everything together. It has been a fun challenge! I pushed on, and quickly developed a site that I liked that provided what I wanted to provide.

Thank you!

As always, I appreciate any content submissions and suggestions by you, the visitors. While I supplied most of the content for this site, some key content was provided by people like you, so don’t hesitate to contact me with new content. I also look forward to your suggestions and criticisms. I rely heavily on your feedback to help drive the direction of JimsTips.com, so click on the “Contact Jim” link on the left and let me know what you think, what you would like to see added, and what you would like to see changed.

-Jim Barr
Owner, JimsTips.com