The Pebble Time Smartwatch

I really like the Pebble Time Black. It provides everything I need in a smartwatch, and the long battery life makes it worth it. Why I Bought It I was having issues with my LG G Watch running Android Wear, so I bought a Pebble Time, and I have zero regrets. Keep It Simple I used the LG G Watch for about a year, and despite its touch screen, higher resolution, huge number of available apps, and the elegance of Android Wear, I found that I really only used it to show the time and weather, and to show notifications from my phone. My new Pebble Time fills those needs intuitively, simply, and it does so while maintaining fantastic battery life. Design And Look I love the design. Many don’t like the large bezel, but I really don’t notice it. And it’s light! At 42 grams, it’s about 2/3 the […]



The Kindle 3G+Special Offers edition

I just purchased a Kindle 3G+Special Offers ebook reader, and I have to say that it has far exceeded my expectations. To me, when assessing a device like this, it is always important to put into perspective just exactly what such a device can and cannot do. First, what the Kindle 3G is: First and foremost, it is an eBook reader. Its pearl E-ink display is stellar, and the screen, like several other eBook readers, is very hard to beat. It makes reading very easy, and as they say, the device really does “disappear” as you read, meaning you end up paying more attention to the content than to the device. Very cool. The Kindle 3G is also very compact. I was surprised at how small it really is. It’s about the size of a small to medium-sized paperback book, but definitely much thinner. It’s only 8 oz. so it’s […]

Vonage: Revisited and loving it!

In an earlier post, I moaned about how though Vonage was a great service, it just didn’t fit our needs due to several significant shortcomings. Well times change, and so have my views about Vonage. We recently got a faster, more reliable Internet connection through Charter Cable, and decided to give Vonage another try. So far, after a few months, the results are excellent, and we haven’t looked back. The shortcomings Vonage had are now gone. We were able to port our landline number, the audio clarity is much better, and it has been very stable and reliable. And comparing features and cost, it simply blows the doors off of anything AT&T could offer. We have barely scratched the surface of the features, but it provides everything we need in landline service, and gives me lots of goodies to play with. One feature that we love is the “transcription” capability of […]

CR-48 and eyeOS – a match made in Heaven?

Many years ago, I played around with an “online desktop” site called eyeOS. After playing around with the CR-48, it got me thinking that a virtual, online desktop just might be useful on the CR-48. Remember, the CR-48 is a completely Web-centric device. It is truly a “cloud computer” because almost anything you do with it requires an Internet connection. When it boots, it boots directly into the Chrome browser fullscreen. In fact, there is no “desktop” as found on other OS’s because everything is done within the browser. Settings screens are displayed in the browser. System logs display in the browser. Everything. I logged into eyeOS and it turns out that it works like a charm on my CR-48! I installed eyeOS on one of my domains so now I have personal access to an online desktop, accessible from pretty much anywhere, including my CR-48. Yes, I still have […]

CR-48 Important Security Tip

I love the CR-48’s fast bootup, and I absolutely love its instant-on feature: Leave it powered on, close the lid, and when you re-open it, it’s instantly on where you left off. This standby mode is easy on batteries, and it is extremely useful to me. BUT… I just realized that anyone who gets a hold of my CR-48 will have complete and full access to whatever is open, and worse, they will have complete access to all of my Google applications because I’m already logged in. At home, this is not a problem because I trust my wife implicitly and I can control access when people are visiting. But when my CR-48 leaves my house, it’s a very different story. This is a HUGE security issue for me, but there is a simple solution: Click the Wrench icon at the top right of your screen and click “Settings”. In […]

Advanced sign-in security for your Google account

Posted by Nishit Shah, Product Manager, Google Security(Cross-posted from the Google Blog)Has anyone you know ever lost control of an email account and inadvertently sent spam—or worse—to their friends and family? There are plenty of examples (like…

Priority Inbox in Gmail for mobile

Posted by Nathan Bullock, Software Engineer(Cross-posted from the Mobile blog)If you’ve ever cursed a phone’s tiny screen as utterly inadequate for sifting through an overflowing inbox you’ll be pleased to hear that the Gmail mobile web app now s…

Two improvements to contact groups

Posted by Will Scott, Software EngineerOrganizing your Gmail contacts into groups can save you time when you’re writing messages to multiple people at once. For example, if you create a “Family” group, instead of addressing an email to your mom, …

CR-48 Verizon 3G Info and Tips

I was searching for some specific information about how the Verizon 3G data plan works for the CR-48. I found very helpful information at Google’s Chrome OS support pages. By all means, go through those help pages. There is much useful information to be found there. Here are some tips and general information that I found in various places throughout those pages that are specific to CR-48 3G usage: 1. How much data do I have left? “Click the Network icon in the top-right corner of your screen. When 3G is enabled, the amount of data remaining should be listed under “Verizon Wireless” in the menu that appears.” 2. The CR-48 will favor Wi-Fi over 3g “Chrome OS transmits data over the Verizon Wireless Network only when no other networks are available. So if you’re connected to both Verizon and another Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi network will be used to […]

CR-48 Verizon 3G Data Plans

In addition to Wi-Fi access, the CR-48 has 3G access capability through Verizon. Once activated, you get 100MB of free data per month for two years. You can also optionally purchase several plans: $9.99 day pass with unlimited data $19.99 1 GB (valid for 30 days) $34.99 3 GB (valid for 30 days) $49.99 5 GB (valid for 30 days) The day pass provides unlimited access, and the session lasts for 24 hours. It is probably most useful for those rare times when you have no Wi-Fi access but require Internet connectivity. The other plans provide the specified amount of data and the session lasts for 30 days from activation. The other plans give you the flexibility to choose how much data you want. So how much data do I need? The size of plan you purchase really depends upon your data usage. Based upon Verizon’s Data Calculator, here are […]