But it’s more than that….

Posted: May 22, 2007

When I started looking into Freemasonry, I was overwhelmed by all of the information and varied views about just what it is all about. So I read and read, I talked with Masons, and I thought about just what Freemasonry is. And this is what I came up with:

It's a club.
You join it. You attend meetings. Business is conducted at the meetings. You gather socially. You do fundraisers. But it's more than that...

It's a fraternity.
You join in brotherhood. You pledge your loyalty to it. You help your fellow brothers, and you receive help from them. But it's more than that...

It's philanthropic.
It uses your money and time to help others. It helps the poor. It helps the needy. But it's more than that...

It's a mystery.
You seek it, it doesn't seek you. Its secrets are held in high regard. It imparts timeless wisdom. It uses symbols and allegory to explain itself. It has secret signs and words. But it's more than that...

It's open and visible.
Its secrets are published. It's secrets are known. Its buildings are prominent and visible. Its members often wear identifiable pins and rings. But it's more than that...

It's a system of morality.
It teaches good morals. It instructs good ethics. It promotes integrity. It despises falsehood. But it's more than that...

It believes in God.
It finds God in nature. It finds God in Science. It finds God in Mathematics. It finds evidence of God everywhere. But it's more than that...

It's selective.
It requires belief in God. It investigates you. It votes on you. It decides if you are worthy for it. But it's more than that...

It sets aside differences and breaks down walls.
It doesn't discuss religion. It doesn't discuss politics. It accepts men of all God-believing theologies. It is open to all denominations. But it's more than that...

It's theater.
Its rituals and ceremonies rival many local theater groups. But it's more than that...

So what is it? It's Freemasonry! But it's so much more...

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