Gmail Tip #17: Advanced Search - View Multiple Labels

June 17, 2004
Gmail has some advanced searching capabilities that, if you take the time to learn, enables you drill down to very specific information. In future tips, you'll learn many of the advanced searching functions, but in this tip, (sent in by "Juan Valera") you'll learn how to search for specific messages based on their Labels including […]

Gmail Tip #16: New feature - View or Download for attached images

June 11, 2004
Looks like Gmail added another new feature! You now have the option of viewing or downloading image attachments! Read on for details... When you receive an image file as an attachment (like .jpg, .gif, or .bmp) Gmail now displays two links for each attachment: One is the filename, and the other says "Download". Clicking on […]

Gmail Tip #15: New feature - Highlighting on/off!

June 11, 2004
Looks like Gmail added a new feature! You can now control "highlighting" of searched words in Search results! When you initiate a Search, Gmail returns a list of any messages and conversations matching the Search criteria. You can select any of these messages or conversations to view, and Gmail automatically highlights the word(s) you searched […]

Gmail Tip #14: What Happens To Sent Messages?

June 9, 2004
When you "send" a message, two things happen to it: 1. it gets copied into your "All Mail" view, and 2. it is visible in the "Sent Mail" view. Many email clients and Webmail services let you optionally delete all sent messages by default, but Gmail doesn't offer this feature. Here's why... One of Gmail's […]

Gmail Tip #13: Some More About Conversations

June 9, 2004
I covered this partially in another tip, but I feel it is important to repeat it. One of Gmail's excellent features is its "Conversations". Conversations conveniently organize related messages, but this can be potentially dangerous if you don't understand how to manage both conversations and individual messages. If you aren't paying attention, you can inadvertently […]

Gmail Tip #12: Archiving Explained

June 8, 2004
One concept that's sometimes a bit unclear to new Gmail users is that of "Archiving" messages. I'm not refering to the hype and false assertions of pundits who claim things like "Gmail keeps everything you ever send and receive!" and "Gmail archives your messages forever!" No, I'm refering to the "Archive" button in your Inbox […]

Gmail Tip #11: Connecting Securely

June 8, 2004
Unlike many other Web-based email providers, Gmail offers an SSL-encrypted login by default. This means that your Gmail password is always encrypted when it is sent over the Internet. Secure HTTPS access is also available by going to directly. This is just another way that Gmail ensures your privacy and security!

Gmail Tip #10: Some Tips about Conversations

June 4, 2004
Conversations are very handy. They group related emails letting you easily track what was sent and to whom it was sent. One thing that you might overlook is that is that you need to remember that when you perform an action on a conversation such as "Print", "Move to Trash", or "Report as Spam", you […]

Gmail Tip #9: New Mail Notification!

June 4, 2004
One often asked for feature has been some sort of automatic notification. Some suggestions ahve been integrating a button tn the Google Toolbar. Another was some sort of System Tray icon. Well, Gmail gave us a notification method that actually works very well... Open your Gmail account and look at both the "Title" of your […]

Gmail Tip #8: Working With Lots Of Emails

June 3, 2004
There are some idiosyncracies that you should understand when working with large numbers of messages. Read more for a couple pointers... If you are working with a large number of emails, (more than will fit on one screen "page") be sure to remember that checking "All" doesn't check all messages in the category you are […]

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