Google Calendar Tips

Google Calendar Tip #1: Before you import anything…

Like many Google products, Google Calendar is still in Beta, and as such is not without its quirks and issues. It has been reported in several forums that importing calendars from Microsoft Outllok, while quite efficient and useful, can sometimes rsult in some corrupted events. While this isn’t a major issue–deleting the event corrects this–if you have hundreds or thousands of events, manging the problems can be quite a task. The problem is that if you really mess things up in yout main calendar, there is no way to "delete all" of the events short of deleting the calendar, which deletes your calendar account wiping out everyting. You can be very easily reinstate your account after deletion, but I have a suggestion that could make things easier…. Before you import anything, create a new personal calendar, and import any events into that calendar. Should your calendar somehow become corrupted, you […]

Google Calendar – A Quick Tour

Google’s new Calendar service is very interesting not just because it has an excellent interface, but because of its depth in features right out of the starting block. With features like calendar sharing, event searching, SMS notification, and a host of other goodies, it is sure to please most from the start. Read on for my initial take of Google Calendar…. The Main Screen Right off the bat, we see a slick, efficient, Google-esque User Interface. Its Web 2.0 functionality and AJAX design give it a feel unlike most other Web-based calendars. Here is a screenshot of what Google Calendar looks like when you first login: {mosimage} The view in the illustration is the "Week" view showing all events for the current week. The initial view can be set in Settings. Here are some points about some specific features on the screen from the above illustration: 1. Notice in the […]