Kindle Tips

The Kindle 3G+Special Offers edition

I just purchased a Kindle 3G+Special Offers ebook reader, and I have to say that it has far exceeded my expectations. To me, when assessing a device like this, it is always important to put into perspective just exactly what such a device can and cannot do. First, what the Kindle 3G is: First and foremost, it is an eBook reader. Its pearl E-ink display is stellar, and the screen, like several other eBook readers, is very hard to beat. It makes reading very easy, and as they say, the device really does “disappear” as you read, meaning you end up paying more attention to the content than to the device. Very cool. The Kindle 3G is also very compact. I was surprised at how small it really is. It’s about the size of a small to medium-sized paperback book, but definitely much thinner. It’s only 8 oz. so it’s […]