CR-48 and eyeOS – a match made in Heaven?

(1 minute read)

eyeOSMany years ago, I played around with an “online desktop” site called eyeOS. After playing around with the CR-48, it got me thinking that a virtual, online desktop just might be useful on the CR-48.

Remember, the CR-48 is a completely Web-centric device. It is truly a “cloud computer” because almost anything you do with it requires an Internet connection. When it boots, it boots directly into the Chrome browser fullscreen. In fact, there is no “desktop” as found on other OS’s because everything is done within the browser. Settings screens are displayed in the browser. System logs display in the browser. Everything.

I logged into eyeOS and it turns out that it works like a charm on my CR-48!

I installed eyeOS on one of my domains so now I have personal access to an online desktop, accessible from pretty much anywhere, including my CR-48.

Yes, I still have to be connected to the Internet (which is what the CR-48 is all about) but now, I have a relatively seamless desktop environment that I can enhance my productivity. Very nice!

eyeOS can be found at