CR-48 Verizon 3G Data Plans

(2 minute read)

In addition to Wi-Fi access, the CR-48 has 3G access capability through Verizon. Once activated, you get 100MB of free data per month for two years. You can also optionally purchase several plans:

$9.99day pass with unlimited data
$19.991 GB (valid for 30 days)
$34.993 GB (valid for 30 days)
$49.995 GB (valid for 30 days)

The day pass provides unlimited access, and the session lasts for 24 hours. It is probably most useful for those rare times when you have no Wi-Fi access but require Internet connectivity.

The other plans provide the specified amount of data and the session lasts for 30 days from activation.

The other plans give you the flexibility to choose how much data you want.

So how much data do I need?

The size of plan you purchase really depends upon your data usage. Based upon Verizon’s Data Calculator, here are some examples of the kind of tasks you do on your CR-48, and the usage you could expect based upon the plan purchased:

TaskData used100MB1GB3GB5GB
Email (text only)0.01MB each10,000100,000300,000500,000
Typical Web page Lookup1.5MB each676672,0003,333
Audio Streaming34MB per hour32988147
Lo-res Video Streaming46mB per hour22265109
Hi-res Video Streaming356MB per hour0.33814
Digital photo upload/download1MB each1001,0003,0005,000

Note that these are estimates only, and your usage or experience could and probably will vary greatly. Further note that tasks such as rich email with pictures and attachments will take up significantly more bandwidth than plain text email.

One benefit of these plans is that they are “no contract” services, so you only pay month-to-month for what you want to use. So if you want to pay for 1GB this month and then not pay for anything next month, you can do so. In addition, there is no Early Termination Fee.