Gmail Tip #41: How Much Space Do I Have?

(1 minute read)

Notorious for its April Fools jokes, Google announced on 01-Apr-2005 that it had upped its disk space quota to 2 gigabytes per user, surpassing Yahoo’s recent increase to 1 gigabyte. While that’s good news for Gmail users, the great news is that it’s not an April Fools joke.

Having the extra space is great, but how can you tell how much storage space you have used and how much is remaining? Read on for a very simple tip to keep track of your Gmail account storage space…

OK, this one is very easy. Just scroll down to the bottom of any Gmail screen, and you will see some statistics centered near the bottom of the page. For example, it might display something like:

“You are currently using 100 MB (10%) of your 1000 MB.”

No, it’s certainly not rocket science, and it’s quite useful.

Now, if Gmail would only show the sizes on each message…