Gmail Tip #46: Creating a Map Repository

(1 minute read)

Do you find yourself repeatedly looking up the same map info at any of the various online map services like Google Maps, MapQuest, or Yahoo! Maps? Here’s a Tip submitted by "Andreas" that lets you maintain a simple Map Repository within Gmail. It’s builds on the concept introduced in the Gmail Tip #3: How to maintain "Notes", but it’s application is different. Read on for details…

Create a Contact with a Name of "Map" and an Email Address of [email protected] (replacing username with your Gmail username.)

Then, create a new Label called "Map".

Finally, create a Filter to add the "Map" Label to any email addressed to [email protected]. Check the "Skip the Inbox (Archive it)" checkbox to bypass the Inbox.

Whenever you look after a online city map of a friend or location you visit repeatedly. Save the map as gif-Image and send it to [email protected]. Include the Name and address of the person or location in the subject line.

Using Gmail’s Search, you can later find the map much faster then by using an online map-service.

Like Gmail Tip #3: How to maintain "Notes", this can be adapted for many other applications by simply changing the word "Map" in the Address, Label, and Filter to something more specific to your need.