Gmail Tip #62: Enhancement: “Univeral Navigation Bar”

(1 minute read)
Google has recently enhanced some navigational features across most of
its offerings by providing a recognizable and (somewhat) consistent
"Universal Navigation Bar" at the top left of every page:
This feature
lets you quickly move to other Google applications with ease (and
without having to remember the URL!) Read on for a brief description of
the new interface…
A source at Google explains that the Universal Navigation Bar will show its "nearest neighbors". This means that, depending on what Google page you are on, the choice of links will differ, presenting you with "related" Google offerings. For example, on a Google search results page, you’d see links to "Images" and "News", because those are related search offerings. On the other hand, if you are in Gmail, you’ll see links to Google’s "Calendar" and "Documents" applications instead.
Here is an example of the Universal Navigator Bar as seen in Gmail:
Here it is as seen on the main Google search page:
It’s great to see that Google is continuing to enhance, tie together, and better integrate its products.