Web Clips on your iPod Touch's Home Page are very handy, but if you accidentally delete one, how do you get it back? Well, you can't. When you create a Web Clip, consider also creating a corresponding Bookmark in Safari. This way, should you ever accidentally delete your Web Clip, you will have an easy way to get it back. Bookmarks can also be optionally synced through iTunes providing additional backup.

To create a Bookmark from a Web Clip, simply launch your Web Clip, tap the "+" button and select "Add Bookmark".

To create a Web Clip from a Bookmark, launch Safari, select the Bookmark, let the page load, and then tap the "+" button and select "Save to Home page".

An added benefit of maintaining Web Clips as Bookmarks is that you now have access to Web Clip pages right from within Safari instead of having to exit Safari to the Home page and selecting the Web Clip. I like to store these Web Clip Bookmarks in a "Web Clips" folder in my Bookmarks, but you can organize them however you want.

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Jim is proud to have had his site GmailTips.com included as one of PC Magazine’s “99 Undiscovered Web Sites” in their list of “Top Web Sites of 2006“. These sites were described as:
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- PC Magazine, 2006
By Kyle Monson
"This exhaustive Gmail tips site has all sorts of hints and tricks to help you get the most out of the free mail service. The site is run by Jim of Jim's Tips, and if it doesn't quench your thirst for shortcuts, go to his main page (www.jimstips.com) for more mobile- and Web-application tricks."
- PC Magazine, 2006
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