Moxi Tip #10: Controlling Favorites

(1 minute read)

Would you like a way to keep certain channels from showing up in your Favorite Channels list? Read on for a tip submitted by “MoxiGuy”, a cool Digeo rep who hangs out on the AVS Forums…

The “Favorites” filter is a nice place to find the 15 most viewed channels. But what if there are some channels that though you view them a lot, you just don’t want them to actually list in the Favorites list?

The short answer is to go into “Parental Controls” (under settings) and lock out those channels.

“But I don’t really want to lock the channels.” you say. “I don’t have kids around, and it would be very inconvenient to enter a PIN just to see what’s playing. Do I really have to lock the channels?”

“MoxiGuy” suggests that after you check the “unwanted” channels as locked, go back to the Master lock card and disable the locks. In that state, nothing is actually “locked” but Favorites will still exclude the channels you have checked off. Thanks MoxiGuy!

It’s a nice workaround that will further customize your viewing experience.

Related tip: If you press OK on the “Lock by Channel” selection, one of the options is to “Unlock all channels”. Be aware that if you select this, it will, in fact unlock all channels. It is a nice, quick way to reset things.