Moxi Tip #4: Why Dont I Have That Feature!

Posted: December 2, 2004

You have a Moxi box, read about a new feature on some forum, and you wonder, "How come I don't have that feature on my Moxi box?" Read on for an explanation...

In an effort to attract Cable companies, Digeo provides a flexible feature set that can be "tailored" by the individual Cable company based on their market and their capabilities. This means that while one customer may have Games and Video On Demand enabled but not the Ticker, others may have the Ticker enabled but no Video On Demand or Games. I'm not sure if this is controllable from customer-to-customer within a market, but it is certainly evident across markets.

So, if a Cable company provides Moxi features that yours doesn't, you will need to contact your cable company and ask them to include the features. Just remember that there are political, economic, and technical reasons why some features may or may not be available.

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