Moxi Tip #8: Get Into The Game!

(1 minute read)

Moxi has the capability to provide interactive Games to the viewer. Read on to learn about some neat diversions available on many Moxi boxes…

Moxi has a “Games” category from which you can choose a Game to play. Press the Moxi button and scroll left or right until you highlight the Games category. (Important Note: Because all Games can be individually provisioned by the Cable company, you may or not have access to all Games, so check with your Cable provider if you are unsure.) A list of available Games will appear in a vertical list. Scroll up and down to select the Game you want to play. The Games that are currently available are: Solitaire, Battleship, Checkers, Domino Dementia, Video Poker, Blackjack, Bijoux, Blast it, and Invasion Wave.

All games can be played using the Moxi remote, however coming from the PC world, some of the Games can be a bit tedious with the remote. For example, Solitaire, though a fun game, requires lots of arrow presses to move cards around. But, they’re fun.

One interesting point of note is in the “casino” games like Video Poker and Blackjack–your “bank balance” is carried between games, so if you are losing at Video Poker and are adept at Blackjack, you can use that to increase your overall bank! (And no, you can’t actually “cash out”!!!)

It’s great to see that Digeo not only provides in Moxy excellent DVR capabilities, but they also offer some diversions for those times when there’s nothing to watch!