New night-friendly WonderSilk Skin!

Posted: September 3, 2003

Want to see red? With the new "WS-Red" WonderSilk Skin, you now have a "night-friendly" WonderSilk Skin to use with your favorite Astronomy app!

I have been using two Astronomy apps (2Sky and Planetarium) on my PalmOS PDA's for a long while, and though they work and look great on my NX70V, one huge annoyance is their "night" modes. This mode colors all of the program elements in "red" to make it easier to see in the dark. The problem with the NX70V is that because these programs are not HiRes+, the Virtual Graffiti area is always enabled resulting in a bright, full-color, distracting area--too bright for the "night" modes.

Enter my new "WS-Red" WonderSilk Skin! It's simply a re-rendering of the current Standard Input Virtual Graffiti input area colored in Red. No frills, no extras, just a nice, red Virtual Graffiti area.

And here are a couple tips:

1. If you use the CodeDiver app, you can "force" this Skin to activate every time the app is run and then revert the skin back to its original when you switch to another app. CodeDiver can be found here at

2. Once you enable WonderSilk (or ANY "Silk Plug-in") you can switch between the current and the last-used "Silk Plug-in" by doing a stroke with your stylus from the middle of the status bar diagonally up to the left into the Alpha section of the Graffiti area. This can come in very handy if you just want to quickly switch or don't want to bother with CodeDiver.

Note: WonderSilk only affects the Virtual Graffiti area, not the Status Bar.

This skin, like all skins and information on and is free. If you find this skin or any information on this site useful, please consider donating to Your contributions help defray the ongoing costs of keeping this site up and running.

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