Progress! A Vote!

Posted: May 6, 2007

I spoke with my Mason friend from church, and he said that the Lodge had voted on my petition this week, and had formed an investigating committee of three people. They will be contacting me soon. Despite the "fears" that some have expressed about the investigating committee, I feel completely at ease.

During my waiting, I've been reading so much about Freemasonry. I finished the book "Freemasons For Dummies and found it to be an amazing read. Contrary to my earlier decision, I decided to go ahead and read all of the chapters. I read about the rituals, and the symbols, and found both chapters to be very fascinating.

I've also read many interesting articles and blogs on the Internet covering a host of topics, and I found lots of interesting and educational information about Freemasonry--all aspects, positive and negative. I've avoided articles dealing with specific rituals and "exposures" as I would like my experience to be fresh, but there is still an amazing amount of content that I've enjoyed reading. I've particularly found the historical articals to be the most interesting--history of the organization, the rituals, and Freemasonty's current state. I have read literally hundereds of pages of content, and it has only led to piquing my interest more.

So, I contiue to wait, but I am encouraged to hear that the process is moving forward. But the wait has also been refreshing. With everything today being so here and now, and expectations of immedate gratification, I find it to be an interesting time while I wait. It's hard to describe, but through the reading I have done, I am learning that Freemasonry's history is rooted deeply in the past, and that the traditions and rituals have been preserved and sustained for many centuries. Those were slower times, and it brings me a different perspective to the organization. It's something that seems to have much more to it than the typical club. I can't wait to learn more and begin my real involvement.

This is my sixth article about my experience in Freemasonry.

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