ReplayTV Tip #3-Content Skip?

Posted: September 30, 2003

Here's an undocumented easter egg for ReplayTV boxes running v5.x. It was posted by tk2x on the AVS Forum...

"If you have been watching too much good programming with your Replay, and your brain can't muster the long attention span needed when skipping commercial breaks, try this fix:

"While playing a recorded show, press Play to go into slow-mo, then FF 2 times to go into 3x slomo.

Now hit the Commercial Advance button once to turn off CA. Then, hit it again, and you've got...Content Advance. All that pesky content will be skipped, so you can enjoy the commercials uninterrupted."

What a great way to watch all of those cool commercials during the SuperBowl while avoiding that nasty football!

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