ReplayTV Tip #4-Watching and Recording PPV

(1 minute read)

While ReplayTV does not include pay Per View (PPV) channel data in its Program Guide, you can watch and record PPV through ReplayTV! Here’s how…

Press ReplayTV’s “Input” button on the remote and cycle through all the ReplayTV’s inputs until you reach the “DirecTV” direct input (theoretically, this should also work as well for DISH and Digital Cable PPV, it will just be labeled differently.) Use the DirecTV remote to view the channel guide (there will be a slight delay), get “Info” on the programs, and finally purchase the program. You can now watch the PPV with all the usual “benefits” of ReplayTV (pause, REW, FF, etc.) Just be sure to turn off any scheduled recordings while you watch otherwise the channel will change to that recording show.

If you want to record the PPV, while tuned to the PPV channel through the direct input, press “Record” on the ReplayTV remote. This initiates an “immediate” record right from the input where you can specify the recording quality and the duration of the recording (in 1/2 hour increments). Just be aware of any conflicts that may occur while you are recording.