T3 Tip #2: Tap-And-Hold Last Used Applications

(1 minute read)

The Tungsten T3 has several User Interface “enhancements” that aren’t always apparant. One great example has to do with the “Virtual Graffiti” or “Digital Input Area” (DIA). Learn how to bring up a list of the five last-used applications!

As we all know, if you tap on the “Applications” Icon (the little “house” icon in the lower left of the Status Bar) it brings up the default proram launcher (or, if installed, a third-party launcher like ZLauncher, etc.) but did you know that if you If you tap-and-hold on the same icon, a list of the last five used apps pops up. This allows for quick switching among apps that aren’t assigned to the “Hard buttons” or to the “Silk buttons”.