iPod Touch News: Software Development Kit (SDK)

Apple announced that in February 2008, they would release a Software Development Kit (SDK) enabling third-party developers to create applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Many people are placing a lot of hope into this tool. As of this … Read more

iPod TouchReview: iPod Touch 8GB

I've been a long-time proponent and user of PalmOS PDA's, but lately I have become very by Palm's lack of innovation in their offerings. And innovation is something Palm was regularly known for. For example, consider the Palm V, arguably … Read more

Gmail Tip #48: Gmail Ads Google Calendar Integration!

Google launched its new Google Calendar service, and added excellent integration to Gmail. (Check out GoogleCalendarTips.com for some information about Google Calendar!) Integration includes a small navigation bar to take you right into Google Calendar from Gmail and Event integration … Read more

Google Calendar Tip #1: Before you import anything…

Like many Google products, Google Calendar is still in Beta, and as such is not without its quirks and issues. It has been reported in several forums that importing calendars from Microsoft Outllok, while quite efficient and useful, can sometimes … Read more

Google Calendar – A Quick Tour

Google’s new Calendar service is very interesting not just because it has an excellent interface, but because of its depth in features right out of the starting block. With features like calendar sharing, event searching, SMS notification, and a host … Read more

More Google Calendar Tips & Info coming soon!

I’ll be posting some additional Google Calendar information and Tips shortly.  Stay tuned!!!