Gmail Tip #40: New Feature! Rich formatting!

March 30, 2005
It's the nail in the coffin...the icing on the cake...the "You had me at hello" feature! Gmail finally has Rich Text formatting! But it's not just for making your messages pretty. Read on to see why the addition of this feature propels Gmail way ahead of the competition... In this tip, I will briefly explain […]

Gmail Tip #39: New Feature! Gmail From Most Any Browser!

February 28, 2005
From the beginning, Gmail has always required a "supported browser" to gain access and work with Gmail. Well, those crazy Gmail developers have done it again! Read on to see a new addition to Gmail that will please many... Gmail now offers a "basic HTML view" that lets you access Gmail from almost any computer […]

Moxi Tip #14: Easy Remote Text Entry?

February 27, 2005
I have read the manual. I have played with Moxi. I obviously overlooked it, but it just hit me that there's a very easy way to enter search words in Moxi's Find screens! Read on to learn how... Moxi's very powerful and useful "Search by Title" and "Search by Keyword" screens provide an easy to […]

Gmail Tip #38: Google Gmail Minibrowser

January 13, 2005
"The Google Deskbar includes a minibrowser that you can use to quickly open your Gmail account in convenient window that automatically hides and can be accessed with a keyboard shortcut. Read on for more information about this tool... The Google Deskbar is a little Google search tool for Windows taskbar. It can do most of […]

Moxi Tip #11: How To Find The Shows You Want

December 13, 2004
With hundreds of Cable channels to choose from, it can be very overwhelming to try to find what you want to watch. Moxi, like most DVR's has some excellent features that let you not only find the shows you are specifically looking for, but find other shows that might be of interest to you. Read […]

T3 Tip #5: Palm Wireless Keyboard Tip

April 2, 2004
If you own a T3 and a PWK (Palm Wireless Keyboard), you don't need to run Preferences to change the Handedness to Left-Handed every time you use it. Just press Alt+Del to change Handedness. Maybe it works with other keyboards too, try it. Paulo Stockinger [email protected]

T3 Tip #4: Tap-And-Hold Alternate Digital Input Areas

March 2, 2004
The Tungsten T3 has several User Interface "enhancements" that aren't always apparant. One great example has to do with the "Virtual Graffiti" or "Digital Input Area" (DIA). Learn how to change the Digital Input area! By default, the Virtual Graffiti area on the Tungsten T3 displays the "standard" Graffiti entry area surrounded by four "buttons". […]

Tip #18-WonderSilk Skins: Those Elusive Buttons

April 15, 2003
I have received several inquiries asking how various buttons get assigned and defined in the WonderSilk app. The explanation, while definatly not intuitive, is actually rather simple. The main difficulty with WonderSilk Skin development is that there are no set "rules" as to what or how things are defined, specifically with regard to buttons that […]

Tip #13-One-button McPhling launch!

February 11, 2003
One of my biggest complaints about the NX series, unfortunatly, is its clamshell design. I personally prefer keeping it in "tablet" mode, but doing so poses one significant limitation: No access to the four standard hard buttons. So, what to do? Try McPhling! This little app lets you pop up a small list of launchable […]

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