Tip #15-Sena Case tip

(1 minute read)

I know this tip is VERY specific, but it has been VERY useful to me. I own a Sena Case from SenaCases.com for my Clie NX70V, and while I think it is a good quality case, one of its shortcomings is that over time, the leather “pouch” that holds the the Clie into the case has stretched making it a lose fit.

So, to remedy this, I just cut a two inch piece of adhesive-backed Velcro and applied the “hook” side to the case and the “fuzz” side to the Clie. I mounted it right over the Clie logo on the back near the top. Now when I put the Clie into its case, it secures very nicely.

The Velcro doesn’t interfere with the cradle nor the operationo of the flip-screen.

It’s unobtrusive and makes a decent case into a more secure and reliable case.

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