Tip #17-Some Clie and Palm Resources

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This tip isn’t so much a tip as a list of resources. Most are probably obvious to you, but for those who are very new to the Clie and Palm world, here are several good sources for information, news, and third-party applications. In no particular order:


This has been the “definitive” source for acquiring Palm apps. Recently, they have instituted a new policy for downloading, but they are still an excellent resource. With some minor exceptions, if you can’t find it here, you can’t find it. Palmgear offers freeware, shareware, and commercial software, but they seem to push shareware.

This is a another app site that has grown considerably over the years. They offer an excellent selection of freeware, shareware, and commercial apps for the Palm and other PDA platforms.

Lots of popups, but you do get what you pay for! This site focuses exclusivly on freeware Palm apps. The quality of apps ranges from extremely poor to better than most commercial apps. he programmers who provide apps for this site are not trying to make a buck, but put out excellent software for the sake of the challenge and self-gratification. If you are on a budget, check out this site. You are bound to find lots of great apps.

Note: Just please be aware that for ALL of these sites, all programs may not work on the latest Clies running PalmOS 5.


Yes, they carry apps, but scroll down their home page, and you will see the latest news from the Palm world. This site is updated as new news comes in.

Palm Info Center
Up-to-date, thorough, and informative. This site gives you all the latest news and buzz in the Palm world. Each article also has a comment section so you can voice your opinion and view the opinions of others. This site is updated as new news comes in.

This UK site maintains all news that is Clie. From the latest apps to the latest hardware, this site is updated daily with the latest news. There is also a linked discussion forum for your and others’ views.

I stumbled on this site shortly before buying my Clie, and it has been invaluable. They offer news and a discusson forum that can’t be beat, It is heavily trafficked and is, in my opinion, the best source of Clie-related information. They suffered an unrecoverable system crash several months back losing everything, but today, you would never know. The information flows fast and freely. If you have a Clie question, you are guaranteed to get an answer from this site.

The Gadgeteer
This site specializes in news and reviews of the latest Gadgets. It’s not limited to the Clie or the Palm. In fact, you will find stuff there you never new you needed!

While not devoted to the Palm or Clie, this site offers a lot of great general PDA news and reviews.

cbulock’s Clie Home Page
Cameron Bulock’s NX Page is a good starting point for some excellent Clie NX information. He also has a Yahoo Groups forum set up which is a nice resource.

TankerBob’s Clie Home Page
Tanker Bob’s Palm OS Device Page has a lot of good Clie and Palm information.

PDA Buyer’s Guide
Looking for a new PDA? This site has excellent reviews and comparisons of just about any PDA you could want.

OK, time for the shameless plug. JimsTips.com has a number of tips available to Clie NX users, new and old. I also added to this site www.wondersilkskins.com, a resource for free skins for the WonderSilk program. And for you Mobile users, point your browser or offline reader (such as HandStory, AvantGo, etc.) to mobile.jimstips.com for the latest tips in a Palm-readable format.

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