Tip #2-Copy files on MS to/from your PC

(1 minute read)

How do you copy files from your Memory Stick to your PC? Use the MSImport program! It’s included free with the NX70V and it can save your butt if you are away from your PC!

You must first install the Memory Stick Export program found on your Installation CD. Click on “Clie Utilities > Memory Stick Export” and follow the prompts. You may be asked to reboot–do it.

Now, when you put your NX in the cradle and execute the MSImport program on the Clie, your PC detects the Memory Stick as a removable hard drive and maps it to the next available drive letter. (I’m using Windows XP Pro, and this happens automatically.)

You just open up an Explorer window and navigate through the directory structure. You can copy, move, and delete files. You can add and delete directories. Pretty cool! Note: Be very careful when deleting! You could really screw things up if you don’t know what you are deleting!

It’s simple and fast!