Using WonderSilk Skins requires a specific, but simple process of Download, Install, Assign, Activate, and use. The following steps will walk you through the process.

1. Download and install the two main WonderSilk components onto your PDA:
WonderSilk.prc, the Silk Plug-in
Kinumaru_E.prc, the skin manager app.

These can be found in the WonderSilk distribution found either here at the official (Japanese) WonderSilk site or here where I keep a backup on my site. (Note: my site may not have the latest version, so always check the official site first!)

2. Download and unzip a skin file.
Some WonderSilk Skins can be found here at the official (Japanese) WonderSilk site, the "files" section of ClieSource, or my site There may be other sources, so ask around.

3. Install the skin file
If the skin file is a .prc or .pdb file, you can install it as you would install any normal PalmOS app or database by using the standard Palm Install tool.

If the skin file is a .wsb file, you must copy the .wsb file from your PC into the /PALM/PROGRAMS/wondersilk directory of your Memory Stick using the MSImport program. Next, you must import the .wsb skin file using the Kinumaru application. Open Kinumaru, open the menu, select "Skin Import...", check the checkbox of any skins you want to import, and then tap the Import button. This will create a .pdb file in internal memory on your PDA.

4. Assign the skin
In the Kinumaru screen, highlight any skin that you either installed or imported and tap the "Assign" button. This will make the selected skin the one "assigned" to WonderSilk.

5. Activate the skin
Now the fun part. You have imported or loaded a skin and assigned it, so you now want to actually use it. Tap on the Silk Plug-in manager icon. This is the icon fourth from the left next to the Find icon. By default, "StandardInput" us highlighted. Select WonderSilk and tap OK.

Your Virtual Graffiti area now displays the WonderSilk Skin that you assigned.

To get back to the standard Virtual Graffiti, just tap the Silk Plug-in manager icon and select StandardInput.

For information on specific WonderSilk usage, please refer the included documentation, check out the ClieSource Forums, or see my article "Tip #18-WonderSilk Skins: Those Elusive Buttons" at

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