Tip #22-Battery Conservation

(1 minute read)

Here are a three tips to consider if your battery is not holding a charge like you think it should…

1. Does your Clie “come on” when you have it in your pocket, your purse, or in its case? Engaging the “Hold” button will prevent it from accidentally coming on. Alarms still sound, but you have to disengage the “Hold” button in order to access them.

2. Check your “hacks” or “system extensions”. For some reason, it seems that when I enable certain of these types of apps, my battery runs down faster. Your milage may definitely vary with this one, but that’s how it has happened for me. Not sure why.

3. Play with the brightness level. I find that by keeping the brightness over 50% causes definite unnecessary battery drain. I typically keep my display brightness set at about 30 percent and find it very easy to read in an office environment. For those times when you want to “show off” or show some photos or something, just increase the brightness temporarily. At night, when I don’t want to bother my wife, setting the brightness to the minimum setting is more than adequate in a darkened room. The brightness control is always available from the Standard Virtual Graffiti area, and is also in the “Extension>>” menu in ZLauncher’s QuickLaunch+ Anywhere function.