Tip #23-Swipe Strokes

(1 minute read)

Here are two undocumented “Swipe strokes” that you may find useful.

1. “Command Bar” stroke
You probably know that when the Virtual Graffiti area is displayed, doing a “Lower-left to Upper Right” stroke (“/”) will bring up the “Command bar” from which you can select available options like “Cut, Copy, Paste, etc.” Well, if you are like me, you probably keep your Virtual Graffiti area hidden most of the time to take advantage of the NX’s HiRes+ screen. To activate the “Command bar” with the Virtual Graffiti area hidden, do the same stroke, but be sure to start the stroke anywhere in the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen.

2. “Switch Silk Plug-in” stroke
If you have a Silk Plug-in installed such as WonderSilk, Decuma, SilkCalc, etc., you can toggle between the last two used by doing a “reverse Command stroke”. Starting anywhere in the Status bar, stroke from “Lower-right to Upper-left” (“”). This will swap the Virtual Graffiti area with the last-used Silk Plug-in. Note: for this to work, you must first “enable” the two Silk Plug-ins you want to swap by tapping on the Silk Plug-in Manager icon (the fourth from the left on the Status bar) and select any installed Silk Plug-in other than StandardInput. For example, select the WonderSilk Plug-in. Now, do the stroke, and you are swapped back to StandardInput. Stroke again, and WonderSilk swaps back ready to use. This only needs to be done once, but it must also be done after a reset.

Credit for finding and informing us of these strokes goes to the diligent guys at ClieSource!