Tip #3-View NX Movies on Your PC

Posted: November 11, 2002

How do you view your recorded movies on your PC?

Use the MSImport program to copy your recorded movie files off of your Memory Stick. (See "Jim's NX70V Tip #2" for how to set this up.)

Bonus tip: You may not know this, but in order to record video, you must have a Memory Stick installed!

OK. The files are stored in the /MQ_ROOT/100MQV01 directory on the Memory Stick with cryptic names like "MOV00001.MQV". Just use MSImport to copy the file to your PC (like your Desktop or some other folder.)

Next, rename the file extension from .MQV to .MOV The files are QuickTime-compatible files and will play very nicely using the QuickTime player.

But wait...there's more!

What if you don't have QuickTime? Though QuickTime is popular, not everyone has it installed, and Windows Media Player, by default, cannot decode the QuickTime format. One solution is to convert the file from a .MOV file to a .MPG MPEG-1 format using TMPGEnc, and the resulting file will be fully Windows Media Player compatible. The problem is that TMPGEnc doesn't read QuickTime files by default, so you need a plugin. Based on some information found at VCDhelp, download the QTReader plugin for TMPGEnc Just unzip the file and stick it in your TMPGEnc directory and you can now select .MOV files from your Browse dialogs.

TMPGEnc has a TON of settings to tweak, so the scope of TMPGEnc goes far beyond this tip, so please go to VCDhelp for help with TMPGEnc.

Oh, and if you really want to go all the way, you can burn the resulting MPG file to a CD-R in VCD format using something like NERO and view your video on your TV using a VCD-compatible DVD player! It will probably look like crap, but it does work!!!

Happy viewing!


It looks like QuickTime version 6.x plays .MQV files, but Sony ships v5.x with the Clie.

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