Tip #4-Backup to MS (Essential)

(1 minute read)

Memory Sticks and backups…I purchased a 128MB Memory Stick along with my NX70V, and found a use for it that I never really considered before: Backups.

Sony includes a program called MSBackup, and it seamlessly and easily backs up all the contents of the NX70V’s RAM to a memory stick. I used to require FlashPro on my Palm Vx, but now that everything can be backed up to the memory stick, it is really no longer needed. I can rest much easier.

To test, I performed a backup to the Memory Stick (took under a minute), did a hard reset erasing all data, then, keeping fingers crossed) performed a restore selecting to overwrite everything…. Drum roll please!…Voila!…back exactly as it was prior to the hard reset! Very cool!

There is no “scheduleer” to automate backups, but it’s literally a couple button presses and you are done.

MSBackup will keep up to 5 prior backup sets (assuming you have the space) so you could conceivably “roll back” to any of the 5 saved sets. And because the NX70V only has 11MB of RAM, there is pleanty of room for all the other goodies (MP3’s, videos, etc.)!