Tip #6-Managing Documents To Go files

(1 minute read)

Managing documents in Documents To Go: the Memory Stick and RAM

I was having some problems with Documents To Go crashing after a restore from MSBackup. I think I found the problem and an explanation.

The specific problem I was having as I detailed in another thread was that after a complete restore using MSBackup, I could not access any of the document file stored on my Memory Stick through Documents To Go. It would crash and crash and crash.

Anyway, here’s the tip: I was manually moving documents back and forth between RAM and the Memory Stick using ClieFiles. While this seemed to work, I think that was the roor of the problem. It may not be obvious at first, but you specify where you want your documents to reside (Memory Stick or RAM) based on the Category within Documents To Go. From the list view, click on a document’s “i” icon (ie: bring up the documents’ details) and click on the category dropdown. Assuming you have a Memory Stick inserted, the bottom category is your Memory Stick. Just select that as the document’s category and it will be auto-moved from RAM to the Memory Stick. Conversely, if you change a document’s category from Memory Stick to one of the other RAM-resident categories, it will be auto-moved from the Memory Stick back to RAM. Very slick!

This can also be done through the Documents To Go Windows application by right-clicking on a selected document, selecting Item Details, and clicking on the category dropdown. Changes made here will be applied to the Clie on the next HotSync.

As always, this stuff may be somewhere in the documentation, but when I find ’em, I post ’em!