Tip #7-Record your own alarms

(1 minute read)

Create new alarms! Did you know that you can use the included Voice Recorder app to create alarms?

Launch the Voice Recorder app and open record some audio. Next, select the menu option “Data > Convert to Alarm” Check the box in front of the recorded file to convert and tap the “Alarm” button.

Now, open the standard DateBook app, and open the menu “Options > Preferences”. Tap on the “Alarm Sound dropdown, and your recording is now in the list. Select it, and the sound you recorded will now ne your alarm!

This could have many cool and novel possibilities!

Note: I found that the converted alarms to not yet appear in the list in DateBK5. Pimlico Software is aware of this and is working to include this function in a future release. I will update this thread as I find our about updates.

Update: Here’s a work-around: Just record and convert the alarm normally in Voice Recorder. Next, go into the native Date Book app and select the new alarm. Finally, go back into DateBK5 and uncheck the “DateBK5 handles alarms” checkbox in the Alarm Preferences. You lose some of the DateBK5 alarm functionality, but you get the custom alarms!