Tip #9-Exporting MP3 from MusicMatch

(1 minute read)

Are you a MusicMatch Jukebox user? Do you want to easily transfer your MP3 files to your Sony Clie NX from within MusicMatch? Are you bummed because MusicMatch doesn’t list the Sony Clie NX series a supported device? Well, there is another way!

I’m using MusicMatch Jukebox Plus, the registered version, so I really don’t know if the free version supports this. It’s only $20 so I highly recommend registration.

Anyway, Here’s how you get your MP3’s onto your Memory Stick from within MusicMatch Jukebox:

-Assemble your play list normally
-Click on the “File” menu
-Select “Export Playlist Tracks”
-Select the “Copy as is” option
-Select the drive letter of your portable player (as mapped by the MSImport program)
-Navigate to the PALMPROGRAMSMSAUDIO directory
-Ensure that you have enough room on your Memory Stick. MusicMatch tells you estimated required space and space available.
-Click “Start”

Ths files will transfer directly to the Memory Stick.

Disconnect the connection by tapping on “Disconnect” in MSImport and you are ready to listen to your new MP3s!

Thanks to “Shannon” at MusicMatch support for the info. Once again, MusicMatch proves its quality in both product and support.