Did you know that even if your broadband connection goes down, you can still receive calls on your Vonage service? Read on to find out how...

Like many VoIP providers, Vonage provides a "Network Availability Number" which is simply a secondary phone number of your choosing to which Vonage will forward all calls should it lose the connection to your Phone Adapter. Short of a system-wide failure at Vonage, you can rest in confidence that your calls will reach you regardless of the condition of your Internet connection.

To configure a "Network Availability Number", just log onto your Vonage Web account and select the "Features" link at the top of the page. Next, look for the "Network Availability Number" section of the Features page and click on the "Configure" button. In the "Enter System Not Available Number" field, enter the phone number to which you want calls forwarded should your Internet connection be disrupted. For example, I entered by Cell Phone number. That way, if my Internet connection ever goes down, I'll still receive any calls made to my Vonage number on my Call Phone.

Just another nice feature to give you some peace of mind.

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