This is a very common question asked about the Vonage service. Read on for the details...


Well, that's really all you need to know.

OK, I'll expand on it just a bit...

First off, if you have an "Unlimited" calling plan, it's all really a moot point because you won't be "charged" for any of your calls, incoming or outgoing, other than what your plan costs.

That said, if you have any calling plan where you pay for the minutes used after the plan maximum, here is what you can expect:

Free Calls:
-All incoming calls TO your Vonage number are free
-Dialing an 800 number is free
-Calls made from one Vonage customer to another Vonage customer are free
-Calls made from your Vonage phone to check your voice mail

Calls charged against your calling plan:
-All calls FROM your Vonage number

Remember that you get detailed call history as part of the Vonage service, so use it to see just what you are being charged for!

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