York Rite Degree Work – Some ponderings

(1 minute read)

The local York Rite membership is a very dedicated group of Masons, but like so many Masonic groups, it tends to be somewhat “older-leaning” in its membership. The group that with which I went through the degree work is a bit younger than most of the membership (though I don’t know if my age of 42 constitutes being young or old!) Anyway, we all expressed a desire to join, the members were very excited that a new group of younger men were interested in getting involved. They enthusiastically told us that once we complete the Degrees that they would love for us to participate in future Degree work. I am very interested in getting involved.

One thing that I really enjoyed about the Degree work was that we all had the opportunity to participate in the Degrees in some form. Like the Blue Lodge degrees, it wasn’t just a “sit back and watch” event. Being able to go through the work really makes it more interesting, enjoyable, and memorable. I honestly can’t conceive of sitting in a hall with hundreds of other men just watching.

We held 2009 Officer Elections at the November business meeting, and I had the honor of being elected as “Scribe” in our Royal Arch Chapter and “2nd Guard” in our Knights Templar Commandery. Both will allow me to become more involved with the York Rite. I look forward to a great upcoming year!