Vonage Tip #7: Are Incoming calls free?

This is a very common question asked about the Vonage service. Read on for the details… Yes. Well, that’s really all you need to know. OK, I’ll expand on it just a bit… First off, if you have an “Unlimited” calling plan, it’s all really a moot point because you […]

Vonage Tip #5: Flexible Call Forwarding

One feature I REALLY like is Vonage’s Call Forwarding feature. It is VERY tailorable, and can help you in many different situations. You can set up and configure Call Forwarding over the phone, but using Vonage’s Web Interface is very simple. Read on for some scenarios that Vonage Call Forwarding […]

Vonage Tip #4: Network Availability Number

Did you know that even if your broadband connection goes down, you can still receive calls on your Vonage service? Read on to find out how… Like many VoIP providers, Vonage provides a “Network Availability Number” which is simply a secondary phone number of your choosing to which Vonage will […]

Vonage Tip #3: Uh oh, the Powers out!

Unlike “standard” telephone service, Vonage requires that your Phone Adapter be powered and connected to an active broadband connection at all times. Read on to see what can you do to ensure uninterrupted service for those inevitable times when the power goes out… Have you ever noticed that when the […]