Gmail Tip #26: Creating a Pseudo Address Group!

July 20, 2004
Gmail currently does not provide the facility to send emails to a Group or a List or email addresses. But thanks to an excellent tip submitted by "arianj", we now have a very doable workaround! Read on to see how to set up a pseudo Group Contact... Although Gmail doesn't currently support Groups in your […]

Gmail Tip #25: Find Your Unread Messages

July 19, 2004
Want a quick and easy way to view all of your "Unread" messages? Here's a neat tip submitted by Mark Worsham describing how... If you have assigned Labels and archived unread messages, finding them later can sometines be challenging. Simply create a Gmail Label named "Unread", and you will see all of your unread mail […]

Gmail Tip #24: New feature! Import Contacts

July 16, 2004
Once again, the hard working Gmail Developers have implemented yet another much-requested feature: Import Contacts! Read on for more details... For the best explanation of just how to Import Contacts, log into your Gmail account, click on Contacts, and click on the new "Import Contacts" link at the top of the Contacts screen. But what […]

Gmail Tip #23: Cleaning Your Contacts

July 8, 2004
One of Gmail's "features" can leave you with extra entries in your Contacts list. Read on for more information... Gmail has a (debatably) nice feature that automatically adds to your Contacts list the email addresses of those to whom you send emails. While this can be helpful at times, just remember that EVERY unique email […]

Gmail Tip #22: Advanced Search - Multi-Labeled and Un-Labeled Messages

June 29, 2004
In an earlier tip, I briefly explained how to perform Advanced Searching using Gmail's "query words". Here are two practical examples of how to use the "label:" query word to search for Multi-Labeled messages as well as Un-Labeled messages. Thanks to "rishid" on the GmailForums for submitting this tip... Say you want to find messages […]

Gmail Tip #21: Official Features and Bugs Status Page!

June 29, 2004
Want to know what features and bugs the Gmail developers are currently working on? Read on to learn how to access Gmail's new "Features, Fixes, & Feedback" page... First, log into your Gmail account. You must be logged into your account to access the help screens. Next, click on the "Help" link located at the […]

Gmail Tip #20: Why some attachments bounce

June 23, 2004
Gmail is trying to help combat the spread of viruses by implementing a "feature" that prevents emails containing attachments of certain file types from being delivered to Gmail accounts. With some simple workarounds, you can get your files delivered to Gmail users while still helping prevent the spread of viruses... One way that Gmail is […]

Gmail Tip #19: Advanced Search - Query Words

June 22, 2004
One of Gmail's excellent features is its Search function. Searching can be as simple as entering a keyword or two into the Search field at the top of any page to very complex using Gmail's advanced "Query Words" to better constrain searches. Read more to better understand how "Query Words" can help you with your […]

Gmail Tip #18: Some Forwarding Idiosyncracies

June 21, 2004
One very important note to Gmail users: Gmail's "Forward" function only forwards plain text. While this doesn't affect most messages, this behavior can mangle HTML-formatted messages, dropping important formatting, images, and data. Read on for more information... If you receive a message that has fancy formatting and/or includes inline graphics, when you click on Forward, […]

What if Gmail was a PC-based Email Client?

June 18, 2004
ATTENTION REGISTERED USERS!! It's time to turn the tables a bit here. Here's a chance for Registered Users to give your opinion! I'm interested to know your opinion if Gmail, instead of being an online service, was a PC-based email client that you downloaded onto your PC that worked either standalone or in conjunction with […]

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