PalmOS PDA Tips

PDAs: A Year With The Palm Z22

In my article, "PDAs: Back To Basics", I outlined my plan to attempt to simplify some things in my life, and one key area was my PDA use. Having the latest and greatest PDA was always my goal. I couldn’t get enough of the new features and capabilities that the newer PDA’s offered. Yet over time, I found that of the many amazing and cool features, most either went unused or were just plain distracting–distracting to the point of sucking up valuable time that could otherwise be used for more productive things. So I opted for the Palm Z22 to see if its limited feature set could help me to simplify my PDA use. Well, it’s been just over a year since I moved to the Palm Z22, and so far, I’ve not looked back. The Z22 has proved to be a very useful and solid PDA, and has served […]

PDAs: Palm Z22 Review

I’ve been trying to simplify my life, and one area is in my use of PDAs. I realized that my PDA use tends to have more to do with tweaking and trying to make the device work better than actually using it as a productivity tool. (See my article "PDAs: Back To The Basics".) So, after some pondering and research, I decided to "step down" to a Palm Z22 PDA. After a couple weeks of use, I have to say that I just love it! No, it’s not feature-packed like other high-end PDAs on the market–in fact, it’s much simpler in design and function. But that was my goal: to simplify. Read on for a review of this fine PDA…. In my "PDAs: Back To The Basics" article, I explained the benefits of the slimmed-down Z22 PDA, but here, I’m going to get into more of the technical details, including […]

PDAs: Clear Protection For Your Z22

I have always been a proponent of cases for PDA’s. I figure that if I spend a lot of money on the PDA, I might as well invest in a case protect it. I stumbled upon Palm’s Air Case, and though I don’t think it’s as robust as Proporta’s Crystal Cases (my cases of choice), it does the job, and the price can’t be beat. Read on for a quick review of Palm’s Air Case for the Z22…. Out of the box, the Z22 comes with no case or screen cover, so for me, finding a decent case was essential. I have been partial to the Flip Case with Clip from Bellagio Designs, and lately, I highly recommended the Crystal Case for the T3 from Proporta. I find the Crystal case to be solid, and very protective. Unfortunatly, Proporta doesn’t make a Crystal Case for the Z22, so I had […]

PDAs: Back To The Basics

A recent article on discussed moving to the Palm Z22 as a method of simplifying things got me thinking about just how I use my PDA. I have been reading David Allan’s book "Getting Things Done" (GTD), and it has prompted some serious pondering about the fact that so many things in my life are simply way too complicated. I’m trying to make "simplicity" my new mantra, and one area of complexity that I have noticed is my use of my Palm PDA. Read on to see how I have simplified by PDA use by embracing a more simple PDA … I am a long-time user and proponent of PDAs with my first being a Casio "Zoomer" PDA way back in 1993. {mosimage} The Casio Zoomer was an amazing PDA that was unfortunatly overshadowed by the Apple Newton’s popularity. Interestingly, the Zoomer had an optional version of the Graffiti […]

T3 Tip #6: Resurrecting a Dead Palm Tungsten T3

The other day, I went to turn on my Palm Tungstern T3, and it was dead, and I mean D-E-A-D. No combination of charging, resets, etc. would bring it back to life. I posted a message at (an excellent PalmOS forum) and found some suggestions and links. Fortunately, opening the T3 and re-seating the battery connector did the trick, so a replacement battery was unnecessary, but if I did have to replace the battery, it would have been an easy task. Read on for some links and information about disassembling and resurrecting a dead Palm Tungsten T3… I did a Google Search on Palm T3 Disassemble or Palm T3 Disassembly and got a number of good hits. I found the following links to be very useful: If your battery is completely unusable, go to , where they have a huge selection of PDA replacement parts. […]

Review: Proporta Crystal Case for Tungsten T3

Given the functionality and portability of PDA’s, it’s important to me that I always have my PDA with me. Unfortunatly, because of the design and form of many PDAs, unless you have a good case, you simply can’t “pocket” your PDA without fear of damaging the screen or inadvertently pressing a button resulting in a drained battery. Cases provided with most PDAs are marginal at best with the best cases being sold my third-party vendors. While I’m certainly no newbie when it comes to PDA cases, (I’ve owned various cases for the US Robotics Pilot 1000, Palm III, Palm Vx, and Sony Clie NX70V) the choices are admittedly daunting. Read on to learn more about what case choice I made for my Tungsten T3… My new Palm Tungsten T3 sports a simple stock leather-like “flip” case. While it does offer some screen protection, I am very hesitent to “pocket it” […]

Sony to Suspend Clie Handheld Line

According to a Palm Infocenter article, Sony is “suspending” it’s Clie PDAs, not releaseing any new models to the US market this Fall. This hits hard to many CLie devotees. Despite the news, the Sony Clie NX topics here on will continue to exist. Unfortunatly, I haven’t added much new content simply because I had to move to a Palm Tungsten T3 because of our company’s “no cameras” policy. At the time, all of the decent high-end Clies had integrated cameras eliminating them as viable choices.

T3 Tip #5: Palm Wireless Keyboard Tip

If you own a T3 and a PWK (Palm Wireless Keyboard), you don’t need to run Preferences to change the Handedness to Left-Handed every time you use it. Just press Alt+Del to change Handedness. Maybe it works with other keyboards too, try it. Paulo Stockinger

T3 Tip #4: Tap-And-Hold Alternate Digital Input Areas

The Tungsten T3 has several User Interface “enhancements” that aren’t always apparant. One great example has to do with the “Virtual Graffiti” or “Digital Input Area” (DIA). Learn how to change the Digital Input area! By default, the Virtual Graffiti area on the Tungsten T3 displays the “standard” Graffiti entry area surrounded by four “buttons”. Did you know that you can change the look and function of the Virtual Graffiti area? You probably know that the “arrow” icon on the lower right of the Status Bar controls whether the Virtual Graffiti area is visible or not. This allows you ro “expand” the screen area as needed for those applications that are full-screen compliant. But, did you know that if you tap-and-hold the arrow, a small “popup” will display giving you the option of selecting among three input area styles? This includes the “standard” layout, an on-screen keyboard, and an “enhanced” […]

T3 Tip #3: Tap-And-Hold Define Silk Buttons

The Tungsten T3 has several User Interface “enhancements” that aren’t always apparant. One great example has to do with the “Virtual Graffiti” or “Digital Input Area” (DIA). Learn how to customize the “Silk Buttons”! When the Virtual Graffiti area is displayed, by default, there are four “buttons” surrounding the Graffiti entry area: (going counter-clockwise) Applications, Documents-to-go, Photos, and VersaMail. Tapping on these “buttons” will launch the associated applicaiton. But, did you know that if you Tap-And-Hold any of the buttons, a pop-up list of launchable applications will display? Select any one of the listed applications, and the icon will change to that application. Tapping on the new icon will launch the newly-assigned application! You can customize it to YOUR preferences!