Google Page Creator is a free Web browser-based Web page editor, manager, and publisher that lets you easily create your own Web pages for others to view. Read on for more details about Google Page Creator...

The pages you create with Google Page Creator are hosted on Google servers, and are accessible at a URL in the form where "yourgmailusername" is the username of your Gmail account. (A Gmail account is required to access Google Page Creator.)

But is it a "page" or a "site"? Google defines a "page" as "a single document that lives on your site with its own unique web a page in a book." And a "site" is "like the entire book; all your pages belong to a single site, which can contain as many pages as you'd like." Google Page Creator currently has a functional limit of 100 pages. Google has hinted that they will be soon providing site management (with domain regitration, etc.) but for now, we're talking about "pages".

Pages can contain text content, images, and links to other Web pages that you created, or any other Web site on the Internet.

Google Page Creator is not meant to be an advanced Web page development platform. It is meant to provide quick and easy creation of simple Web pages.

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Jim is proud to have had his site included as one of PC Magazine’s “99 Undiscovered Web Sites” in their list of “Top Web Sites of 2006“. These sites were described as:
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"This exhaustive Gmail tips site has all sorts of hints and tricks to help you get the most out of the free mail service. The site is run by Jim of Jim's Tips, and if it doesn't quench your thirst for shortcuts, go to his main page ( for more mobile- and Web-application tricks."
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