Page Creator Tip #4: Getting an Account

First and foremost, you must have a Gmail account in order to access Google Page Creator. If you do not have a Gmail account, go to and follow the instructions to sign up for one. If you need an … Read more

Page Creator Tip #3: Privacy And Security Issues

Google Page Creator’s Privacy Policy is basically the same as all other Google Privacy policies. Simply put, because you choose to use the service, you acknowledge that all of your content will be on Google’s servers. This is great, because … Read more

Page Creator Tip #2: What Is Page Creator’s Target Audience?

Google Page Creator is designed to put Web page creation in the hands of the masses. While it is not intended for advanced Web page development, that certainly doesn’t mean that advanced users won’t find it useful. Google Page Creator … Read more

Page Creator Tip #1: What Is Google Page Creator?

Google Page Creator is a free Web browser-based Web page editor, manager, and publisher that lets you easily create your own Web pages for others to view. Read on for more details about Google Page Creator… The pages you create … Read more