Page Creator Tip #2: What Is Page Creator’s Target Audience?

(1 minute read)

Google Page Creator is designed to put Web page creation in the hands of the masses. While it is not intended for advanced Web page development, that certainly doesn’t mean that advanced users won’t find it useful. Google Page Creator is a great way to create those "quick and dirty" Web pages. Read on for more about who will benefit from Google Page Creator…

Do you want to…
…create a page promoting a service you offer?
…create a page promoting an event?
…post some photos from a trip?
…post some information that someone else might find useful?

Google Page Creator could be the answer for all of these!

Google Page Creator provides the basic tools to create Web pages with text content, images, and links to other pages. You can control font attributes such as type, size, and color. You can control text underlining, bolding, italics, bullets, and justification. You can include images from other Web locations, or images uploaded to your GooglePages account. You can add links to other pages you created, or other pages on other Web sites. You are bound by Google’s tools, but you are not limited by your imagination.

Google Page Creator is not a full-featured application, but it’s not intended to be. It’s intended to provide an easy way to quickly create and manage simple Web pages. Your Mother or Grandfather may find it useful, yet advanced users may like it because of its simplicity and speed.

As Google Page Creator matures, let’s hope that it remains faithful to its intent of providing everyone with the ability to easily create Web pages!