Find great stuff to read in Google Reader

Posted by Zach Yeskel, Product Marketing Manager Have you ever clicked the “Reader” link at the top of your Gmail inbox and ended up in Google Reader , kind of unsure about what to do next? We realize this happens from time to time, so to help people get started with Reader, we asked a bunch of prominent journalists, techies, fashion critics, and foodies for their lists of favorite sites and blogs. We compiled their reading lists and made them accessible to everyone at , where you can explore and subscribe to lists from Thomas Friedman , Arianna Huffington , Paul Krugman , the editors of Lifehacker , Boing Boing , , and many more.

Composing a message? Try the contact chooser

Posted by Benjamin Grol, Product Manager When composing messages, you probably rely pretty heavily on auto-complete to add recipients. Auto-complete is convenient and fast, and usually does the trick

Email a task list

Posted by Michael Bolin, Software Engineer Sometimes you need to get your tasks out of Tasks.

Send mail from another address without “on behalf of”

Posted by Emmanuel Pellereau, Software Engineer Quite a few of you use Gmail’s custom “From:” to send messages with one of your other email addresses listed in place of your Gmail address. Since these messages are sent by Gmail’s servers but “from” a non-Gmail address, we have to include your original Gmail username in the “Sender” field of the message header to comply with mail delivery protocols and help prevent your mail from being marked as spam

Unsubscribing made easy

Posted by Brad Taylor, Gmail Spam Czar We believe you should only get the mail you want to get. Some of you already use the “Report Spam” button on all kinds of unwanted email, and for that we’re very thankful : the more spam you mark, the better our system gets at weeding out junk mail. Unsubscribing from mailing lists and newsletters you subscribed to a while back but no longer want to receive should be just as easy.

Submit a video: “So much email, so little time”

Posted by Sarah Price, Online Operations Strategist Like many of us nowadays, I get a lot of email. So much email that going on vacation can be a little scary because I know I’ll have a mountain to wade through when I get back. A few messages I receive each day are time-sensitive or very important — but only a few.

Now displaying images in messages from your contacts

Posted by David de Kloet, Software Engineer When an email references external images, Gmail usually doesn’t display them automatically. Instead we show placeholders and present you with the option to “Display images below” or “Always display images from” that sender. We do this to help protect your privacy from spammers, who can use images and links to verify that your email address is real

Tasks graduates from Gmail Labs

Posted by James Watts, Software Engineer Our little baby’s all grown up. We launched Gmail Labs as a forum for delivering useful (and maybe not so useful ) features that might not be quite ready for prime time. The idea was always that the most popular and viable Labs features would graduate and be made more readily available to all users…and that some of the less used, less viable ones would disappear forever