Tip #4-Backup to MS (Essential)

Memory Sticks and backups…I purchased a 128MB Memory Stick along with my NX70V, and found a use for it that I never really considered before: Backups. Sony includes a program called MSBackup, and it seamlessly and easily backs up all the contents of the NX70V’s RAM to a memory stick.

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Tip #3-View NX Movies on Your PC

How do you view your recorded movies on your PC? Use the MSImport program to copy your recorded movie files off of your Memory Stick. (See “Jim’s NX70V Tip #2” for how to set this up.) Bonus tip: You may not know this, but in order to record video, you

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Tip #2-Copy files on MS to/from your PC

How do you copy files from your Memory Stick to your PC? Use the MSImport program! It’s included free with the NX70V and it can save your butt if you are away from your PC! You must first install the Memory Stick Export program found on your Installation CD. Click

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Tip #1-One-handed Launcher operation

True one-handed Launcher operation: I don’t like the default CLIE Launcher and I can’t wait for new OS 5 compliant launchers. I tried to like the new launcher, but it seems to take too many jog dial turns to find and select a program, and I find it hard to

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