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I’m Jim Barr, and is one of my little corners of the Internet–my voice for all things tech. I love riding on the bleeding edge of technology, and I love exploring new gadgets, services, Web sites, programs, and anything interesting! Here you will find all sorts of tips and information about those things that interest me. 

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Event time zones in Google Calendar

Posted by Oleksandr Kyreiev, Software EngineerDealing with time zones can be a headache. Whether you’re a regular traveler or trying to plan ahead for your weekend in Paris, it’s often difficult to keep track of time differences. We’ve heard your…


New in Labs: Recently used emoji

Posted by Darren Lewis, Software EngineerWhen we added emoticons in Gmail, you responded with a nice big smile , but then you asked for more. So we added hundreds more emoticons through Gmail Labs. “But alas!” you cried. “How can I ever keep up w…


Optional attendees in Google Calendar

Posted by Karol Stosiek, Software Engineering InternTime is one of our most precious resources. Despite their necessity, meetings tend to vary in importance for different attendees. John might be really interested in his team’s weekly meeting, wherea…


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