Google Notebook Tip #10: Printing Individual Notes

July 12, 2006
At this time, Google Notebook only lets you print out entire Notebooks, not selected Notes. This can become very frustrating, especially if a Notebook contains a LOT of notes, and you only want to print one of them. So until Google adds a "Print selected notes" function, I have a workaround for this that's a […]

Google Notebook Tip #9: “Actions” on Selected Notes

July 12, 2006
Once you have learned to select one or more notes, you can perform several actions. Read on to see what special actions Google Notebook provides... Once you have selected one or more notes, click the "Actions..." dropdown on the right side of the Google Notes screen. There are currently two actions you can perform on […]

Google Notebook Tip #8: Selecting Notes

July 12, 2006
Using standard selection methods, you can select multiple notes to Drag & Drop and to perform other "Actions". Holding down the [Ctrl] key will let you select multiple notes. Holding down the [Shift] key will let you select a range of notes. Read on for some examples... Create Some Test Notes First off, create a […]

Google Notebook Tip #7: Moving Notes Around

July 12, 2006
OK, so you have captured a number of notes, but you really don't like how they are organized. Google provides a very simple way to move your notes around letting you organize them as you prefer. Read on for details... Google lets you Drag & Drop your notes both within and between notebooks. This gives […]

Google Notebook Tip #6: Organizing Your Notes with Section Headings

July 12, 2006
Google Notebook provides a nice feature that lets you better organize your notes: Section Headings. These are definable, collapsible, and movable making organizing a snap. Read on for details... Open any Notebook, and then click the "Actions..." dropdown on the right of the screen. Select the "Add section heading" option. This displays a green Section […]

Google Notebook Tip #5: Expanding And Collapsing Notes

July 12, 2006
This tip is a very simple one: If your notes are lengthy, consider "collapsing" them by clicking the small triangle next to the note's title. This toggles the note "open" (displaying the fill notes contents) and "closed" (just the title and note summary displays.) It makes for a nice, neat, organized view...and Google Notes remembers […]

Google Notebook Tip #4: Images: Are They Permanent?

July 12, 2006
When clipping an image from a Web page, you need to understand one important concept: Google will nicely display images that you clip, but Google does not actually store the image files in your Google Notebook. It only stores an HTML link to that image on the Web. Read on to see how to manage […]

Google Notebook Tip #3: Clipping Web Pages

July 12, 2006
Google Notebook provides an easy and fun way to clip sections of Web page right into your Google Notebook without leaving the page you are browsing. It's the "Google Notebook Internet Explorer Extension" for Internet Explorer, and the "Google Notebook Firefox Extension" for the excellent Firefox browser. Read on to see what the extension does […]

Google Notebook Tip #2: Creating New Notes

July 12, 2006
Creating a new Note within a Google Notebook is very simple: Just open Google Notebook and click on the "Add note" button. A simple editor opens where you can type in your note content. You can format it using some basic editing tools. When you are finished, click the "Save" button. Simple as that! But […]

Google Notebook Tip #1: What is Google Notebook?

July 12, 2006
Google Labs has released their new Google Notebook application which is a simple, online repository for storing notes, images, and "clips" of Web pages. With its optional browser extensions (for Internet Explorer and Firefox only for now) you can seamlessly add content to your Google Notebook while surfing the Web. Read on for some details […]

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